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Your complete guide to bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors can transform any home and pretty much any room. Think of them as wide, sliding doors that offer stunning views into your garden and surroundings. They offer a vista quite unlike any other kind of window or traditional French doors.

How do bi-fold doors operate?

Bi-fold doors look remarkably simple to the untrained eye, but the bi-fold doors we supply and fit benefit from years of research and some very clever engineering.

Bi-fold doors use a tracking system that runs along the door panels. Each panel is connected on a train, and the doors work by folding in on themselves. This enables them to glide effortlessly across the tracking system when opening or closing.

The result is a set of huge doors that are surprisingly easy to open and close. Thanks to the tracking system, the action is smooth, quiet and doesn’t require arms wrestlers would be proud of to get them moving.

Bi-fold doors usually come in pairs, but can come as one unit, too. And you won’t have to do any installation yourself; all of the tracking and fittings will be dealt with by our highly trained installers.

The internal and external benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors offer significant benefits both inside and outside the house for home owners, thanks to their flexibility and ability to suit visually any environment.

From an external point of view, the most immediate benefit is the incredible views offered by bi-fold doors. They’re capable of bringing the outside inside without messing up your house, and vastly increase the amount of light that comes into your home.

Internally, bi-fold doors usually take up very little space when you have them wide open (although, don’t forget they can be partially opened to any degree, too!). This makes bi-fold doors the perfect choice for virtually any room, no matter how much space there is available.

French doors don’t fold back on themselves, which means they generally take up much more room when open. Bi-fold doors, by comparison, will neatly tuck themselves against the wall when fully open and almost disappear from view.

When the sun is shining, and the temperature rises, there’s no better way to join your kitchen, living room or dining room with the garden for an absolutely huge space in which the whole family can enjoy the spring and summer.

What about security?

Bi-fold doors are very secure, and, in some cases, can actually be more secure than traditional doors and French doors.

The bi-fold doors we supply and fit benefit from the latest safety engineering and components, and locks that are super secure and compliant with modern standards.

What about the winter?

It’s easy to think that bi-fold doors only benefit your home during the warmer months, but they’re great all year round.

In the winter, you still get to enjoy those stunning views afforded by bi-fold doors, but when they’re securely and properly fitted by us, you’ll also be assured that no heat will be allowed to escape, and the cold weather will stay where it should be - outside.

Can I install them myself?

Unless you’re a fully trained bi-fold door installer, we really wouldn’t recommend it. Bi-fold doors are large, heavy, and to ensure maximum security, need to be fitted by a professional. That’s where we come in!

Call us today to find out more about our range of bi-fold doors and fitting service!

Bi folding door

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