10 reasons to invest in bi-fold doors

Over the last few years, bi-fold doors have become increasingly common in homes of all sizes.

Once only deemed suitable for large properties and people with deep pockets, bi-fold doors are now affordable for all and capable of transforming any home.

If you’re still unsure, here’s ten brilliant reasons to invest in bi-fold doors.


1. Reduced wear and tear

Patio doors are some of the most used in the house come the warmer months, and all that opening and closing can take its toll. Not with bi-folds, which are constructed with minimal moving parts.


2. Ultra-modern

Bi-fold doors are the perfect accompaniment to conservatories, kitchens and inner rooms that make any space contemporary.


3. Less space required

Bi-fold doors are surprisingly small in terms of footprint when opened. In fact, they can take up to less than 50% of space compared to traditional doors.


4. Super weather-proofing

When it comes to weather-proofing, bi-fold doors are clear winners thanks to their durability and long-lasting construction.


5. Swathes of natural light

Due to their surface area and minimalist frames, bi-fold doors let in a shed load of natural light, making the inside of your home feel bigger than it is.


6. Any style

Bi-fold doors come in more styles than you might think, enabling you to configure them to match your home’s decor and your style preference.


7. Strong and long-lasting

The bi-fold doors we provide are built too last - for many, many years. They’re also incredibly strong thanks to the materials used and our hand-picked range of brilliant manufacturers.


8. Highly energy efficient

Bi-fold doors don’t just look great; they also ensure your home is as energy efficient as it should be. And with all that natural light flooding in, they’ll help you save money on both lighting and heating bills!


9. Contemporary or traditional

Depending on your preference and the design of your home, our bi-fold doors are available in both contemporary and traditional styles. Trust us - they’ll slot right in!


10. So many uses

Bi-fold doors aren’t one-trick-ponies. They provide a greater view from the inside of your house, and remove boundaries between areas, creating a seamless home experience.


Buy your bi-fold doors from us!

If we’ve convinced you and you want to invest in bi-fold doors for your home, you need look no further than HomeSecure. Contact our friendly team today for the best quote you’ll find in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and Kettering!

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