Conservatory repairs Northamptonshire

If you have a conservatory, you’ll know what a fantastic additional room it can be for your home. Contrary to popular belief, conservatories are fantastic living areas all year around - providing they’re well maintained. 

Your conservatory should last for many, many years, but it will need repairing occasionally, and if you’re based in Northamptonshire, HomeSecure really should be your first port of call!


There are a number of reasons conservatories need repairing, although some aren’t always that obvious. 

Leaks, ageing roofs and smashed glass are the most common examples, but if you think there might be something else wrong with your conservatory, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and our friendly, knowledgeable team will only be too happy to help.


Some conservatories have polycarbonate roof sheets that often deteriorate over time and become less hard wearing due to brittleness. They can also become discoloured. 

The more modern roof sheeting offers much better insulation, is harder wearing and reflects heat very well. Thankfully, this isn’t a tough job and can be carried out relatively quickly.


Keeping your conservatory watertight is of paramount importance, but leaks can appear without warning and sometimes go unnoticed for a considerable period of time if the conservatory isn’t used that often. 

A leaking conservatory often points to new lead flashing that either needs replacing or which wasn’t properly installed from the outset. 

Some lead flashing on conservatories is actually a lead substitute and therefore far less effective. Replacement isn’t expensive and should certainly be done sooner rather than later if you’ve discovered a leak in your conservatory.


Accidents happen and, unfortunately, burglaries sometimes take place. If the result is smashed or damaged glass on your conservatory, you’ll need it fixing super-fast. 

The replacement glass we provide is highly rated, of the best quality and perfect for conservatories when it comes to energy efficiency and security. 

Replacement conservatory glass can be replaced swiftly and without too much disruption to your home. Alternatively, if you need emergency boarding to cover up the hole left by the broken glass, we can provide that service, too.


If you’re based in Northamptonshire and have a conservatory which needs to be repaired, the team at HomeSecure are waiting for your call. 

We have many years’ experience repairing all types of conservatory, and you can rely on us to be efficient, timely and as friendly as they come! 

Get in touch today to find out more.

Conservatory Repairs Northamptonshire

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