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Remaining as energy efficient as possible has never been more important for home owners. That’s why our customers return to us time and again for their double-glazed window requirements.

A modern set of double-glazed windows will not only provide the opportunity to increase the value of your home, they’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s therefore no wonder double glazed windows have remained one of the most popular forms of home improvement.


How does the extra pane work?

Double glazed windows benefit from having two panes of glass placed closely together. The small space on the inside is known as an air gap, although some refer to it as a ‘tight air pocket’.

Convection is when heat energy transfers from a hot space to a cold space, but in order to do so, it needs a good conductor. Because the trapped air inside double-glazed windows is a poor conductor, it reduces the rate of heat loss from the property.

So, with less heat capable of leaving your home, the property will stay much warmer for far longer. And what’s not to like on a cold winter evening?


Reducing bills and aiding home security

Our customers choose double glazed windows because they help them reduce their home energy bills.

It might seem relatively insignificant, but that extra piece of glass will work harder than you might expect to reduce the annual cost of your energy bill.

Double glazing is super secure, too. It goes without saying that two panes of glass are harder to break than one, but when married with a strong uPVC frame (which we can also supply), our double-glazed windows will aid your home security considerably.


4 benefits of double-glazed windows

Here’s our favourite benefits of installing double glazed windows in any home:


1)           They control the temperature of your home by stopping heat transferring from one side of the window to another.

2)           They keep the noise where it should be - outside!

3)           They improve the overall security of your home because double glazing is much harder to smash, and the windows can be locked from the inside.

4)           They stop UV damage by limiting the number of harmful rays that can enter your home and cause issues like fading carpets and that of other furnishings.


Why choose HomeSecure?

We’re a family-run business that takes great pride in its service. We only supply the best possible products and will never guide you towards a more expensive solution if you don’t need it.

We’ve been supplying and installing double glazed windows to happy customers for many years and will work directly with you to find the best possible solution for your requirements.


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