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What is uPVC?

Most people have heard of this form of plastic that’s used for modern windows and doors, but you may not know that it stands for ‘unplasticised polyvinyl chloride’.

We sometimes refer to uPVC as ‘rigid PVC’ because it’s hard, doesn’t flex and is perfectly resistant for use in window and door frames.

At HomeSecure, you’ll find a team which knows uPVC inside out.


Why buy uPVC windows?

uPVC has long been perfect for windows due to its excellent performance and durability. It’s long-lasting, too, which means it requires very little maintenance.

Perhaps most importantly, uPVC is incredibly thermal efficient, and offers brilliant sound insulation to boot. This is why our customers always opt for uPVC windows to keep noise levels to a minimum and heat where it should be - inside their homes.


The benefits of uPVC windows

There are several unavoidable benefits of uPVC windows, but these are our three favourites:

1) Superb performance

Our uPVC windows are highly energy efficient, and if you have them installed at your home, you could see a reduction in heating costs thanks to less warm air escaping from the building.

2) Low cost

No one wants to spend a fortune on windows, and uPVC gives our customers a highly affordable option that is considerably cheaper than timber or aluminium frames.

3) Maintenance

One of the most common reasons people opt for uPVC windows is because they require very little maintenance. A simple clean in and around the frame once in a while is all they need!

4) Super secure and safe

The uPVC windows supplied and fitted by HomeSecure are highly secure and offer a significant degree of protection from any unwanted intrusion.

uPVC windows are also renowned for their safety. It’s one of the most common materials used in window construction and recommended by government bodies.

Every uPVC window we supply and fit comes with a range of accreditations and kitemarks, following highly rigorous testing and quality control. With HomeSecure, you’re in very safe hands indeed.


Why choose HomeSecure?

We know you’ve got lots of choice when it comes to purchasing uPVC windows, but our family-run business will provide a service you’ll never forget.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible advice on uPVC windows without being pushy, and endeavour to point you in the direction of the best solution for your requirements.


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