5 key signs your conservatory needs repairing

9 September 2019

It’s a sad but undeniable truth that most conservatories built up to ten years ago were not meant to last.

If you bought your home with a conservatory already attached or had one installed over 10 years ago, you might need to make some much-needed repairs.

Rather than needing to replace the entire unit, there might be some things you can get repaired to refresh your conservatory and bring it back to life.

If you still need more convincing, here are 5 killer signs your conservatory needs replacing.

1. The glass is damaged

The first thing you should do is take a closer look at the glass in your conservatory windows. Like any other double-glazed window, conservatory windows can wear down over time.

New UPVC windows can refresh an otherwise tired looking conservatory. Most glaziers recommend replacing your windows as the first port of call before considering a brand new conservatory.

If you manage to get away with replacing just the windows rather than the entire conservatory - happy days! But it might be the perfect excuse to refresh your entire conservatory!

2. Temperature

If you’re affected by extreme heat in the summer or freezing conditions during the winter, this is a killer sign your conservatory needs some repair work.

These extreme temperature changes are usually the result of degrading windows, or inefficient glass coating. But other factors, such as general wear and tear to the UPVC frames should be a consideration.

3. Separation from the seals

If your conservatory starts to feel extra cold at night and during winter, this might be a sign that the sealant is separating from your house.

If you take a close look where the seals between your conservatory and house are, you might notice wear and tear, and maybe even a slight draught. This is more likely to happen if your conservatory was installed as an extension onto the brickwork of your home.

More often than not, the sealant needs replacing to ensure the insides of your conservatory are not exposed to the elements or building-up with mould.

4. Ensuring you are energy efficient

You might want to consider being more energy-efficient in an ever-so eco-conscious age. Many conservatory owners opt to have the roof replaced to a more solid roof to ensure thermal efficiency.

Making these repairs to elements of your conservatory will cut the costs of your bills, and increase the energy performance rating of your home.

5. It’s seen better days

A final key sign your conservatory needs repairing is it just generally looks tired and needs a freshen up.

If you had your conservatory installed decades ago, you may want a more modern, refreshed look. There are plenty of contemporary options available now to really transform your home.

Or, rather than thinking of spending thousands in replacement costs, just repair or hire a conservatory specialist to perform a deep clean. It might just be exactly what you needed.

Wrapping up

There will be noticeable ways you can see or feel a degrade in the quality of your conservatory, and these are all signs that you need to make some essential repairs.

These days, conservatories are built to last with many small improvements made ensuring you have no issues for at least another twenty years.

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