5 reasons you might need new UPVC windows

29 April 2019

UPVC windows are built to last, and can be guaranteed for up to twenty years. There are, however, a variety of reasons you may find a reason to install new UPVC windows.

Here’s 5 reasons why you might need new UPVC windows.

1. Damage to the UPVC window

An obvious reason you might need new UPVC windows is damage to any part of the window. The frames are known to be long-lasting, but can still wear over time, and there are other parts of your window that might need replacing as time goes on.

In the rare event that your windows sustain any damage or cracks to the glass, then you will need to get the glass repaired, or you may need to replace the window entirely.

Other issues can arise, including damage to the seals. Watch out for misting, condensation and leaks as a result of this, which may also result in you needing new UPVC windows installed.

2. Your UPVC windows are looking tired

If the mechanism when opening and closing feels loose or less secure, this can be a sign that your windows are wearing out and might not be sealing heat in your home as efficiently. Physical damage to the frames or mouldy, mossy build-ups around the seals can be a sign of a bigger issue.

In that case, you might need to get some new UPVC windows installed to keep your home looking fresh and working for you - especially in the winter months.

3. You’re concerned about energy saving

Surprisingly, not all UPVC windows are created equal. Some installations over the last 20 years may not have insulated frames and therefore lose more thermal energy from inside than you might have thought, despite being double-glazed.

Energy-saving improvements and greater awareness of climate change has meant that great strides have been made in UPVC window technology and new installations should still save you money over the older variety.

4. If you’re selling your property...

Aged windows may reduce the value of your home. If the UPVC panels have become warped or faded, it may affect how potential buyers see your home.

Ensure you check with your estate agent beforehand if the installation is worth the time and money in relation to your property value, but generally, any improvements to your home will increase its price on the property market.

5. …or you’ve just moved in

Likewise, if you have just moved into a home and the UPVC windows are either reaching the end of their life or displaying signs of damage (or you just want to change the aesthetic of your new property), you might consider installing new UPVC windows.

At Home Secure Glaziers, we take pride in offering a wonderful range of styles to suit the style of your home or business.

Wrapping up

UPVC windows are usually built to last but there are many factors that can cause general wear and tear over the years, and mean that you might need to get some new UPVC windows installed.

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