How to give your conservatory a deep clean, inside and out

21 August 2018

Conservatories are put through a fair amount of stick each year. With every passing season, they’re battered with rain, wind, hot sun and extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum.

Looking after your conservatory will ensure it lasts for many years and requires the least amount of professional cleaning and servicing.

All it needs is one deep clean a year, and providing you don’t suffer from any unfortunate glazing emergencies, your conservatory will be the perfect place for lazy days and nights, and parties with friends.


You’ll probably find lots of twigs, leaves and moss in the gutters of your conservatory. It builds up throughout the year, and can cause havoc with the drainage system.

Use a step ladder or ladder (with someone at the bottom to support it), and get up there for a look. A good pair of heavy duty gloves in case of sharp objects, dustpan and brush and some bin bags should do it.

Once you’ve removed all of the debris, you can us a hosepipe to flush it out clean with water.


Cleaning the roof of your conservatory is actually a lot easier than you might think. It’s safe, too, providing you have a decent ladder, someone to assist and avoid the temptation to stand on the roof itself.

Avoid straining too far, as well. If your ladder isn’t quite tall enough, find someone who’s taller than you to reach the more tricky places.

All you need is a decent soft-headed brush with an extendable handle and a sponge. Clean, soapy water will do, and it can be rinsed off with a light sprinkling from your hose.

Easy stuff!

We’d recommend against using a pressure washer, because it can damage the seals of your conservatory. Over time, that may introduce leaks which get progressively worse; something you really don’t want in a conservatory!


Conservatories are made up of lots of individual parts, and it’s easy to forget about the locks and hinges while you’re conducting your deep clean.

In order to keep all doors and windows operating smoothly and avoid seizures, the hinges and locks should be oiled every year (once should do it).

To do this, you can simply use WD40 or any other oil-based lubricant. Apply it to all moving parts and mechanisms you can find, and you’ll be good to go!


The inside of your conservatory will almost certainly be cleaned more regularly than the outside, but it will also benefit from a deeper spring clean once in a while.

Remove all of your furniture and clean every nook and cranny, floor to ceiling. Look for any signs of leaking in the roof and mould, which might suggest the glazing needs looking at (or ventilation might be an issue).


See? We told you it was easy to clean your conservatory by yourself!

Do this each year, and it’ll continue to be the perfect space in which to enjoy family time and view the wonders of your garden!


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