How to look after your conservatory during the winter

9 November 2019

When we think of conservatories, we often think of sunny afternoons and long summer nights in, but a conservatory that is well looked after can be enjoyed all year round.

Many of us tend to retreat indoors to a cosy fire when the cold nights draw in, and during the winter, we may forget to look after our conservatory or not think about the ways the cold can affect the longevity of our extra space.

Keep reading for some vital tips on how to look after your conservatory during the winter.

1. Look after your windows

A top tip to looking after your conservatory this winter is to simply make sure your windows are kept nice and clean, and any damage to the windows are inspected.

Not only will this ensure that the glass and frames of your windows are regularly maintained and looked after, but you will feel more welcomed into your space if your windows are dirt and smear-free!

2. Expel your winter pests

It might seem like a daunting task, but no one wants to sit in a conservatory accompanied by creepy crawlies. They can leave your space feeling neglected and unclean, and might even put you off going in there altogether!

Look after your conservatory this winter by giving it a good old clean inside, making sure that any winter pests are taken outside and stay there!

3. Clean your roof and guttering

Not just for the aesthetic of your conservatory this winter, but for ensuring a long life to your space, the roof and guttering need regular care and maintenance.

If you can’t manage the job yourself, give a local professional a call.

4. Minimise any draughts

If you enter your conservatory and feel it is significantly colder than the rest of your house, then you might want to check out any draughts that could be affecting the temperature.

Aside from checking the sealants around your conservatory and inspecting the windows for any corrosion, you can minimise these draughts by considering more insulation to the flooring, or look into purchasing a hybrid roof.

5. Install heating

Even trapping the draughts in your conservatory might not be enough to minimise the colder temperatures to your conservatory. During the winter, you want to feel that extra warmth and comfort and keep the cold temperatures at bay.

A great way to look after the interior of your conservatory during the winter is to install or purchase additional heating to keep your place warm as the temperatures drop.

6. Make your conservatory feel cosier

You can also look after your conservatory without any unnecessary installations or expenses. A great way to look after your space is to spend some regular time in there and make it feel more homely.

During the winter, bringing throws, blankets, pillows and candles into your conservatory will add some extra comfort and make it feel warmer and cosier.

Wrapping up

We want you to feel like you can enjoy your conservatory and keep it at its best in the winter, when you may feel like it could get neglected. Looking after your conservatory will ensure that you want to use it all year-round.

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