3 reasons why Bi-Fold doors are a great addition for the Autumn and Winter

29 June 2018

As we write, the UK is enjoying its annual heatwave. And it’s at times like this that investments in homes tend to focus on the improvements that make them more airy, light and cool.

A great option for this is bi-fold doors, which can transform an ordinary living space into something quite different by opening up an entire wall to the glorious world outside.

But what about the autumn and winter months? Do bi-fold doors become less useful during that time?

You might be surprised to hear that the opposite is true. Bi-fold doors are a solid investment all year round, and you’ll get just as much benefit from them during the autumn and winter as you will when the temperature rises.

Here’s three simple reasons bi-fold doors will serve you very well indeed during the colder months:


1. They’re brilliantly energy efficient

If you think that only walls can provide the best energy efficiency, think again!

Modern bi-fold door design takes energy efficiency fully into account and results in creations that are nothing like the French patio doors of old that would be rather too adept at letting in a draught.

Aluminium and uPVC bi-fold doors feature high levels of insulation to ensure heat can’t escape, and once the doors are closed, high quality weathertight seals ensure there’s no draughtiness to worry about.

Double or triple glazed glass completes an addition to your home that will ensure the heat always stays inside, where it belongs.


2. They’re flexible

You don’t have to open bi-fold doors entirely every time you reach for the handle!

Bi-fold doors are designed to be as flexible as possible and can be opened to pretty much any width you want if you need some fresh air but not so much that it allows the wintery weather to make its way into your house.

‘Traffic’ bi-fold doors are a popular option for this reason, because they enable the owner to open them just as you would a normal door and without exposing too much of your home to the elements.

With bi-fold doors, you have complete control over how wide they’re opened, and that makes them far more flexible than traditional French doors.


3. The view will never get old

One thing that never changes with a set of bi-fold doors is the view they provide.

Imagine swapping the wall of your kitchen for a seemingly endless piece of glass, providing you with a never-ending view into your garden. Better still, imagine waking up and looking out through an ultra wide opening that provides a beautiful vista of the world outside your house.

No matter the season, bi-fold doors will always provide a view that no other window or set of French doors can. And that never, ever gets old. In winter, for example, you can marvel at falling snow or early mist and fog from the comfort of your home and without even having to put your hat, scarf and gloves on!


Final thought

Bi-fold doors aren’t a flash-in-the-pan purchase. As we’ve hopefully proved today, they’re a brilliant investment that will benefit your home all year round.


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