Keeping warm over the winter

19 December 2019

We might like the aesthetic of the winter: cold cosy nights and fresh white snow, but most of us would prefer to enjoy the weather winter brings whilst still keeping warm in the comfort of our home.

For some, the cold weather can make us want to hibernate instead and wake up in the spring when the warm sun starts to come through once more.

Here are some of our favourite ways to keep warm over the winter.

1. Keep your home nice and cosy

The easiest way to keep warm over the winter is to make sure your home is lovely and cosy when the temperature has dropped outside. Crank the thermostat up to between 18 and 21 degrees celsius to stay nice and cosy indoors!

If it’s an extra chilly day, get into your favourite loungewear, socks and snuggle under a blanket in front of the fire.

2. Wrap up warm when you go outside

There’s nothing worse than leaving your cosy home and having to suffer a long walk in the cold, so an obvious but top tip for keeping warm over the winter: make sure you are wrapped up!

It’s also the perfect excuse to get a new matching woolly hat, gloves and scarves set to accessorise with your favourite winter coat! Cotton and woollen materials will keep you the warmest.

3. Make yourself your favourite warming food and drinks

Perhaps the most comforting way to keep warm over the winter is to dig out the recipe books and cook yourself some comfort food for your evening meal! Winter is the best time of year to dust off the slow cooker, bung in the root vegetables and make some tasty winter warmers in your hot pot!

We also thoroughly recommend that you cosy up with a hot chocolate or two - not forgetting the cream and marshmallows!

4. Bake some winter treats

Who said you had to stay under the duvet all day to keep cosy this winter? You can also stay warm whilst baking your favourite festive treats for your family and friends.

Whilst your oven is working overtime baking cookies and other sweet treats, it can heat up your whole house… or at least the kitchen if you keep the door closed.

5. Stay active

This is the one tip that might make the winter couch potato in us all groan. But health experts say that keeping active during the cold weather will keep us warm and regulate our body temperatures.

Whether you want to keep that exercise DVD you were giving as a gift, or if you want to start that new year gym membership early, there are so many ways to stay active and stay warm.

Wrapping up

We hope to have given you a few handy tips on how to stay warm this winter, not just for your comfort over the colder months, but for your health and wellbeing.

The colder temperatures can affect our body’s ability to fight off bacteria and infections, so it is essential to keep warm over the winter.

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