5 key benefits of double glazing

22 February 2019

There’s a variety of reasons you may want to install double glazing windows in your home. Aside from providing a number of practical and aesthetic benefits, there are a variety of environmental and economic factors that you’ll instantly appreciate.

Here are 5 key benefits of double glazing.

1. They provide better insulation and energy efficiency

One of the key benefits of double glazing is the insulation it provides for your home in comparison to traditional single glazing. The extra sheet of glass will help your home better retain the heat, either from your central heating system, fireplace or via natural heat from the sun.

The economic benefits of keeping the heat in your home should reduce the amount of effort your boiler has to make in the winter to keep bills lower. Not only that, the energy efficiency rating of your home will also increase.

2. Increased security

Having double glazing windows instead of traditional glazing will provide your home with better security from theft. The pressurised air between the two sheets of glass makes double glazing much more difficult to break.

Due to the strong UPVC material and metal construction the glass is surrounded by, double glazed windows are also much more difficult to damage or open from the outside.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

Many people are surprised by the amazing difference double glazing makes to their home!

Even in more traditional looking homes, forget the assumption that they’ll stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, the clean and modern look of double glazing can be adapted to compliment any exterior or existing period features.

From the interior too, your windows will bring in much more light and allow your home to feel more clean, open and fresh. Rather than with single glazing where condensation and dirt can easily build up, your double glazing requires less cleaning and mould-management.

4. External noise reduction

A great benefit to installing double glazing in your home is that it drastically reduces the noise you hear from outside.

If you live on a main road, in a city centre or anywhere else that you feel attracts a lot of noise outside; double glazing is the perfect solution to keep that noise trapped where it belongs - outside.

You’ll notice an instant reduction in external noise, giving it an extra cosy, isolated feel when you’re relaxing at home.

5. Increase the value of your home

Even if you’re not thinking of selling up, making the investment in double glazing will ensure that if you ever do sell your home, the effect of that investment will be evident through the increased sale value of the property.

The energy rating, noise levels and cosy feel inside your home are always factors that will appeal to buyers.

Wrapping up

As you may have already considered, there are many clear benefits to installing double glazing windows into your home.

A combination of all of the above benefits means that installing double glazing windows in your home will increase its value - simple! A worthy investment across many aspects of home improvement.

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