Common myths about double glazing - debunked!

29 January 2019

When considering the installation of double glazing, people are often confronted with a range of myths that could put them off.

PVC-U, a seemingly insubstantial but versatile material, is usually the main cause for concern, but there are a variety of other myths about double glazing windows that simply aren’t true.

Here are some common myths about double glazing - debunked!

Myth 1: Double glazing will wear down over time

The common myth is that the PVC-U frames can crack, warp or turn yellow all because of sunlight exposure and its lightweight, and therefore flimsy build.

In fact, due to the hard-wearing nature of the material used for the window frames, and because they are reinforced with galvanised iron, your windows are built to last for well over 20 years!

Myth 2: Condensation happens too regularly and is expensive to fix

One of the more common issues with double glazing installations is the occurrence of condensation inside the two sheets of glass.

The compressed air that provides your windows with an extra protective force can begin to condensate when exposed to humid temperatures.

There are a number of preventative measures you can take to ensure the long-lasting life of your windows, including just opening up your air vents, which can help any humidity escape.

Myth 3: Double glazing is harmful to the environment

The common myth that double glazing is bad for the environment often comes from the production of materials used, such as PVC-U and newly manufactured glass. But studies have shown that double glazing actually has an incredibly positive impact on the environment.

By providing better insulation, not only will your home be more energy efficient – thus saving you money - but you will in turn naturally reduce the carbon emissions that would otherwise escape into the environment.

Myth 4: You need planning permission to install double glazing

This one all depends on the circumstance of the building. If you live in a conservated area, or the building is listed, then you may struggle to get the required permission to install double glazing.

But for most, this simply isn’t the case. We recommend checking with your local council planning offices if you are unsure.

Myth 5: They will ruin the aesthetic of our home

Many people fear that installing double glazing will ruin the aesthetic and classic feel of their home.

We have a range of styles that will suit any home, from traditional to modern. We can also advise you on the best options for your home, helping to leave the traditional integrity of your home intact, but still transform the look of your property.

You can choose timber frames over PVC-U, but even PVC-U materials can come in a variety of styles to match your home and its low maintenance and versatility makes it a great choice for a long-lasting and worthy investment.

Wrapping up

There are a number of myths about double glazing windows that - even after 60 years of countless satisfactory installations all over the UK - are still believed today.

The truth is, over time, manufacturers have encountered and solved problems that people still think exist in modern double glazing installations.

We hope we’ve successfully debunked any myths you may have heard about double glazing!

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